De Clieu

In the final days of my holidays (alas I am back at uni for one last year), I launched into a frantic spate of brunching knowing full well that my days of enjoying a lazy mid day meal without the dreaded lines of weekend brunchers were numbered. Thus, armed with my trusty dslr, i shall bring you a tasty selection of delightful brunches over the next few days/weeks.

First up, is De Clieu: 187 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

Situated on one of the lovely corners of Gertrude St, this eatery is housed in a dark green building and is home to a gaggle of hipsters and hipsterettes. We were seated after just a short wait at a lovely window seat outlooking a very quiet fitzroy morning.

This cafe is of the family of seven seeds and brother baba budan and so needless to say the coffee was strong, aromatic and delicious. What sets apart de clieu however is it’s stronger focus on the food side of things, which was exciting for me because, let’s face it, i’m not really a coffee connoisseur and am liable to ordering only a latte when much more exotic options are available (french press anyone?).

Having read about the pork neck roti, I was extremely keen to try it. But as it always is in the land of brunchisms, it is always the one dish that you want that runs out by the time you get there. After the swift (but kind) denial of my request, I was left to re-contemplate the menu. Now, I’m a predominantly fritter/bacon/poached egg kind of person when it comes to brunch, but in my state of disillusionment following the swift (but kind) denial of my request, I ordered something completely out of character:
Fresh Ricotta with Toasted Baguette with Beetroot Cured Ocean Trout: an amazing combination of cold/preserved tasty things which you self assembled on toasted baguette! So glad I had this, the combination of pickled red onion, beetroot cured trout, capers and the ricotta – I don’t even like cheese, but this was so smooth and creamy, I loved it from the first bite!


Another photo of the amazing beetroot cured trout šŸ˜€


We also had the Breakfast De Clieu: free range bacon, fried egg, cauliflower puree, wild mushrooms, veal jus and sourdough with truffle oil. So beautifully put together and the aroma of the truffle oil was amazing. The classiest bacon and eggs I’ve ever had. Egg yolk ready to pop with gooeyness:


And some of the fruit toast/bread with spiced butter (?). Clearly surpassed by the other two dishes and I don’t really remember much of this one except that it was okay. May have been biased due to my lack of affection for all things cinnamon.


Another brunch winner with excellent coffee, I will be back to try the pork neck roti!

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