Don Too

A quick post on this overcast melbourne day. Weather like this always makes me feel like a hearty bowl of noodles swimming in a rich delicious broth mmmmmm

My current craving reminded me of a dinner I had with a most excellent friend of mine who falls into the category of BFFs I don’t see often enough. We needed a place to discuss love, life, hopes and dreams and what better way than over a bowl of ramen?

Don Too
330 Little Lonsdale St, CBD

Fitted out with little wooden tables and stone coloured walls, don too is a neat little place that’s just enough rough around the edges for that added warmth and cosiness. Their dinner menu is almost exclusively ramen, which comes in both a small and a large size (250g or 300g) for the same price. There are also a few entrees scattered here and there to facilitate your noodle slurping and an economic range of alcoholic beverages.

I had the chasu ramen. The noodles had the right texture and bounciness and the broth was full of umami goodness with a great depth of flavour and not too oily. And the eggs! With a slightly soft and runny middle that is seldom seen in the hardboiled world of typical ramen fare – delicious. In essence, this is the type of dish that I could have all day every day, or at the very least as a solid winter staple.


We shared the gyoza as well, which was tasty with a thin outer skin, nice filling and the right amount of crispy in the base.


Getting hunger pains just blogging about this here, I think it’s time for lunch.

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