Globe Cafe

Globe Cafe
218 Chapel St

Took the BF and a scoopon to the Globe Cafe a couple of weeks ago. I’m always a little wary with these coupon deals as there’s always the chance of ending up with a dodgy meal and feeling slightly jibbed. But happy to report that our dinner here was lovely and lived up to the relatively high rating on urbanspoon.

My lychee and apple cooler, yum! Love a place with drink options other than soft drink and alcohol.


For starters we had the beer battered whiting goujons with house-made tartare


and the sizzling garlic prawns with crusty bread


Lovely entrees. The crusty bread was interpreted very literally and was 100% crunch. Would have been nice if it was slightly more substantial and spongy, if only to mop up the delicious garlic prawn sauce.

My linguine of mussels, prawns and calamari with white wine butter reduction and fresh herbs. A pretty dish with light, subtle flavours, fresh seafood and well-cooked linguine.


We also had the lime and pistachio semi-freddo w/ pistachio praline and pomegranate molasses. I was too excited at the prospect of dessert and forgot to take a photo but it turned out to be a rather odd dish. The semi-freddo was delicious but completely overwhelmed by the sickly sour/sweet molasses.

A lovely little cafe with good food and if it was slightly more inexpensive (mains 26-32$) a student like me would come back more regularly. Nevertheless, a good dining spot on Chapel St and I shall be back for a coffee or lunch.

Globe Café on Urbanspoon

ps. Spotted while walking home from dinner:



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