Marquee Restaurant
445 Toorak Rd

Backing up our successful experience at the Globe Cafe, we headed to Marquee with another coupon the week after. The restaurant itself has the fine dining ambience, complete with soft candlelight, subtle background music, a billowing canopy of a marquee (ah the name all makes sense now!) and even wrought iron fencing. The waiters and waitresses are well mannered and there’s a front of house guy who’s happy to answer questions and ensure a smooth dining experience.

Now, at odds with all of this is the location of this restaurant which can be found on the ground floor of the Trak Centre in Toorak. After hours, the various hair salons and boutiques in the centre are closed and the whole place takes on a somewhat lonely and empty feel with the nearest open outlet the somewhat rowdy sichuan restaurant upstairs (amazing food btw, I went there about ?6 years ago when it first opened and glad to see it can still pull a crowd on friday night) and the trak nightclub next door.

Putting aside all oddities and juxtapositions, let’s discuss their menu offerings. The menu is divided into tastings, entrees, mains and desserts.

From the tastings menu, we had the pacific oysters with champagne and lime granita. Fresh plump oysters with a refreshing granita which balanced out the acidity of the lemon well.


Our entree was the wagyu carpaccio with crispy caper berries, tomato concasse, roasted shallots with murray river pink salt, rocket and white truffle oil. Amazing. Loved the sweetness of the shallots with the earthy wagyu and the tang and bitterness of the other components. All accompanied by the aromatic truffle oil.


My main of 250g Black Angus eye fillet with kipler mash, raosted baby veg, lardons and red wine jus. A well portioned dish, the eye fillet was fresh and cooked well. There was a slight bitter taste to the jus, but I’m just being picky.


The 450g dry aged Rib Eye, char grilled with roasted potato and pepper sauce. Delicious rib eye. The potatoes had a crunchy outside and a soft, pillowy inside with a good amount of seasoning.



So at this point I believe we got a little greedy and decided to go for a couple of desserts as well.

The Eton Mess with strawberries, chantilly cream, smashed meringue, ice cream, strawberry coulis and mint. Can’t really go wrong with this combination of ingredients, and so pretty looking.


Soft centred Chocolate Pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and orange compote. Again a great combination, the soft centre was rich and that amount of syrupy ooze that makes you want to want to scoop it all up with your spoon and eat it up straight away.


All of that plus a few drinks brought the bill to 180ish$ and I was glad at that point that we did have a coupon to absorb some of the damage. Really great restaurant though and I would definitely come back for a special night out. I can’t help thinking though how successful this place might be if the location was a little less random?

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