Misty’s Diner

Misty’s Diner
103 High St

We wandered over to Misty’s Diner a couple of week’s ago for a post-dinner snack. Knowing full well their reputation for an authentic American style food and dedication to surpassing all legal quotas of all things sugary and deep fried, we felt it only safe to approach with a solid week of gym efforts under our belts.

Inside, colourful booths and neon lights abound with a good smattering of American paraphernalia covering the walls – think flags, vinyls and license plates.


We decided to stick to desserts and ended up ordering: the strawberry and white chocolate thickshake – rather garish looking under the lights don’t you think? It was probably too sweet, but I think I was too busy gulping it down to notice. So tasty that I’m pretty sure I had some sort of reflexive sugar coma and was subsequently drowsy and disorientated for the 20 minutes following consumption.


And we had an old school cherry coke spider. The soft serve was of an odd quality, but hey, you can’t really go wrong with a spider.


Also notice this on the dessert menu. Double stuffed deep fried oreos – it’s enough to clog your arteries just thinking about it.


In fact, the rest of the menu was sort of amazing in a bizarrely fascinating way, full of a wide array of fried potato goods – curly fries, waffle fries, fried potato skins… – and ribs and wings … The more I read the more a perverse sort of craving developed. It’s just too unhealthy not to taste good. I will be testing this theory on my next visit.


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