Dreaming of Europe @ Snow Pony

Snow Pony
95 Whitehorse Rd


Caught up with a friend over brunch at Snow Pony to swap pretty pictures of Prague and Barcelona to get ourselves in the mood for planning our big trip at the end of the year. …The grass is definitely greener 😛

Some pretty serious discussion also took place, including such #firstworldproblems as our itinerary through the south of france, exactly how many times we would need to cross the charles bridge for full effect and wether or not a weekend in greece would be too extravagant (the answer, sadly – yes).

Anyway! To the food:

My cute grapefruit juice in a jar + straw. Tasted… healthy. And by that I mean kind of sour and bitter haha, precisely what a fresh grapefruit juice should taste like, my brain must have temporarily been distracted while I was ordering.


My friend’s toasted piadini. Can’t remember the filling exactly, but was pretty yummy.


My happy chicken pilaf. I think while heavily intoxicated by thoughts of the amalfi coast, my mind replaced the word pilaf with salad and so when my order came, I was surprised that I was in for a rather more substantial meal than I had thought. Oh well.

What seemed like a little portion in the shallow dish was in fact a very filling serve of spiced rice studded with pieces of chicken with a hint of chilli and topped with the cooling tang of yoghurt. Pretty damn good, but it was quite rich and I struggled to finish a little bit.


A most excellent and satisfying brunch. Will be back for a more detailed perusal of the menu when my mind is a little less distracted!

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