Three Bags Full

After a superlongextended hiatus sustained by job applications and some serious planning for imminent europe travels (yay! so excited!) I’m back with more pretty food pictures!

So without delay and in no particular order:

Three Bags Full
60 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford

One of my favourite brunch spots in the collingwood/brunswick/abbotsford area. I used to get it confused with Proud Mary, both are found on a corner in a red bricked ex-industrial building block. But I Proud Mary to on the more experimental side with their dishes, particularly in the domain of breakfast sauces and condiments, and more on the small side in terms of serving size.. while Three Bags Full has a hearty menu that never fails to disappoint. Also bonus: they’ve opened a space to the side of the original cafe which eases the load on the saturday morning queues – even if just a little.

This time around I had the beetroot cured salmon with corn, pea and feta fritter, avocado, rocket with dill sour cream. A whole lot of yum. I’ve been hooked on all varieties of cured fish since my revelation at De Clieu.


Such lively and vibrant presentation, so much love for this dish.

I can also highly recommend the black angus steak sandwich. If you’re up for meat on your saturday morning, this is a very very very satisfying investment.

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