Basement 407-409 Swanston St
Melbourne CBD

Dinner the other night @ Joomak, a cosy korean place right near melbourne central. It’s a tricky place to find, there are no signs on the street but poke your head into one of the anonymous looking buildings with a lobby and you should see their bold cheerful sign peeking out from under some stairs.

The basement location is pretty cool, with individual booths customized to seat 2 or 4s (or more). And by booths I don’t mean the ones you find at TGI Fridays, this stuff is the real deal with wooden fencing and even a thatched roof. Cute.

We never really know what to order at korean restaurants besides our usual combo of seafood pancake + glass noodle +/- bi bam bap +/- korean fried chicken. Sorry to say, this meal wasn’t too different and we were too conservative to give the cheese egg roll, or the giblets a try… maybe next time.

Seafood pancake.


Beef bulgogi hot pot.




All the food was done well with nothing to fault. Having said that, nothing really stood out either, but I guess that’s probably just my reluctance to be adventurous with their menu.

I do like going to korean places to see what side dishes they bring out with the meals – ? are these called kim chi… or is kim chi only that red spicy cabbage one? Anyway, Joomak had a cute macaroni one which I haven’t seen before.


I would recommend Joomak for the private booths and nice food. They also do some decent rice wine with yummy sounding flavours, mango etc which is worth making the trip for.

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