The Old Raffles Place
70 Johnston St, Collingwood

I must have driven past this place on the corner of Johnston St and Wellington Rd in Collingwood hundreds of times before a laksa craving got the better of me and I found myself here for dinner. It’s a brightly coloured exterior with big signs advertising MEE REBUS and all food Singaporean and authentic. Inside, it’s cosy, with pink walls and very friendly staff giving the place a homely, family-run atmosphere.

I had the chicken laksa and can I just say, so MUCH chicken!!! I had a much more photogenic photo of the presentation of the dish, but it wouldn’t convey the sheer protein monstrosity that is this dish. Do you see any noodle in this picture? No, didn’t think so.

This laksa is awesome! Great flavours, creamy broth to warm you up and chicken that is tender and free from tendons and other stringy bits. Lovely!


We also had the chicken rice. Again, awesome chicken, done right and on the slightly rarer side.


We also shared some sort of roti with some deliciously creamy and rich dipping sauce. Yum. No chicken though.


A great find! A lovely place for dinner that is reasonably priced and generously portioned. Win.

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