Fonda Mexican
248 Swan Street

So for somewhere on the quieter end of Swan St, even for a Friday Night, Fonda was pretty crowded when we got there. Possibly because they do some pretty tasty mexican, but also probably because the place is so small! Picture: a long rectangle with an open kitchen on the left and tables/chairs placed everywhere and anywhere, waiters and waitresses hurry through any remaining space. It’s tight and it’s packed, but I did manage to see a little courtyard out the back so hopefully there’s a bit more breathing room out there.

It’s amazing how they manage to churn out both dine in and take away orders so efficiently from their box-sized kitchen, how they even managed to fit so many staff into such a small space??

I had the horchata to start, a non-alcoholic concoction of rice, cinnamon, rose water, vanilla and evaporated milk which came in a sizeable jar with an old-school straw. I have a serious dislike for cinnamon (odd I know) but this combination was intriguing and worked well – recommended.


The self-serve condiment on our table. Not sure what this was called, but went well with pretty much everything.


Tortilla crisps with guacamole and smoky salsa. Yummo, perfect snack food.


Charred Corn – delicious.


The braised pork taco with pineapple, coriander, lime and onion. Great flavour combination which was really well infused together. Reminds of the ones at pacos tacos, which uses similar ingredients, but the flavours are very individual and complement each other rather than coming all together.


The fish taco with chipotle aioli, pickled carrot, onion and cabbage. My favourite!! Amazing!


Kangaroo fillet burrito with avocado, quinoa, sweet potato, smoky relish and coriander. The only real let down of the night, I thought this was a bit bland and lacked the flavour punch of the other dishes we’d ordered. I kept having to pile on that extra sauce on our table PLUS left over salsa from the tortilla crisps so I could get through my share. The kangaroo fillet was nice, but a little undercooked in parts so that it was a bit mushy and difficult to chew.


I think Fonda is an excellent addition to Melbourne’s new wave of Mexican eateries. It might not have quite the menu range of Mamasita, but the food is fresh, authentic and very affordable. I haven’t even mentioned their excellent drinks selection of tequila and frozen margaritas – to try on my next visit!

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