Kenji Japanese Dining
10/1405-1411 Toorak Road
Camberwell, VIC 3124

A much delayed post on this little japanese place out in the suburbs, which was highly recommended by friends. We made a mid-week trip about a month ago, loved it so much and were back within a week for more.

It’s located near the corner of Toorak and Warrigal road, inside a little arcade with ample 2P parking behind. The shop does both take away as well as dine in, which reflects in their contrasting set up. There’s a nice cosy dining area with timber furniture, bamboo partitioning, traditional paintings and a sushi bar along the back wall – but also an entrance with pre-fried goods sitting in bain-maries and pre-cut sushi as well as self-serve cutlery and hot tea.

They have an extensive menu with a highlight being their wide variety of sashimi, and all at an extremely affordable price. Think ~15 for an entree sized sashimi platter, ~ 9 for ramen/rice dishes.

Our first visit:

Miso Soup!


Nigiri (entree size). Salmon, tuna, kingfish, scallop, ark shell and prawn. Really fresh, delicious. Possibly the first time I’ve tried scallop as sashimi – absolutely amazing, such a plump little serving and so sweet. Yums.


A Bento box. I think this was beef (I’ve forgotten exactly now), which was tender with a yummy marinade/sauce. The sides were good, with all the friend components contributing to a very filling serve.


The miso ramen with chicken. The winners for me in this was the chicken which was glazed and a little crispy on the edge and the bamboo which added to the flavoursome and hearty broth.


Already enormously satisfied with our meal thus far, we proceeded to further sacrifice our waist lines for the good (and completeness) of this blog via the dessert menu.

The green tea creme brulee. Good matcha flavour, but not as smooth tasting or as delicate of a flavour as the one at Shira Nui in Glen Waverley. However, at about half the price of the latter and about double the serving size, it’s not a bad alternative.


Red bean dorayaki. We should not have skimped on ordering a side of ice cream with this as alone it was a bit… dry.


I think this place has the potential to be a serious contender at the finer end of japanese dining a la shira nui, particularly as they offer a sashimi omakase (which I still want to try), but at the moment is still a little rough around the edges in terms of of presentation.

Completely fine by me though, the food is fresh and delicious, and I’ll definitely be back here for more.

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A quick post on this overcast melbourne day. Weather like this always makes me feel like a hearty bowl of noodles swimming in a rich delicious broth mmmmmm

My current craving reminded me of a dinner I had with a most excellent friend of mine who falls into the category of BFFs I don’t see often enough. We needed a place to discuss love, life, hopes and dreams and what better way than over a bowl of ramen?

Don Too
330 Little Lonsdale St, CBD

Fitted out with little wooden tables and stone coloured walls, don too is a neat little place that’s just enough rough around the edges for that added warmth and cosiness. Their dinner menu is almost exclusively ramen, which comes in both a small and a large size (250g or 300g) for the same price. There are also a few entrees scattered here and there to facilitate your noodle slurping and an economic range of alcoholic beverages.

I had the chasu ramen. The noodles had the right texture and bounciness and the broth was full of umami goodness with a great depth of flavour and not too oily. And the eggs! With a slightly soft and runny middle that is seldom seen in the hardboiled world of typical ramen fare – delicious. In essence, this is the type of dish that I could have all day every day, or at the very least as a solid winter staple.


We shared the gyoza as well, which was tasty with a thin outer skin, nice filling and the right amount of crispy in the base.


Getting hunger pains just blogging about this here, I think it’s time for lunch.

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