Gold Leaf
46-58 Buckingham Avenue

A much belated happy CNY, I hope the year of the dragon has been kind to all thus far 🙂 this year our family dinner was at Gold Leaf in Springvale. Now usually I don’t get too excited about chinese food as the menu nearly always is some variety of protein product – chicken, pork, beef and a somewhat suspicious ‘seafood’ option combined with variety of tried and tested sauces – blackbean, sweet and sour etc.

But then surprise! Among all the classic yum cha fare and sweet and sour pork at Gold Leaf is the ‘Deep Fried Scallops in Spicy Salt and Chilli’ – a generous serving of nice crispy shells, just the right amount of batter and the sweetness of some decently sized scallops. It’s pretty much the best savoury donut you will ever have.


Their seafood ordered per kg is fresh from their tanks and cooked well.

We had the eel – with blackbean sauce, lol sorry to be boring.


… and the customary lobster with ginger and shallot sauce. The noodles they used for this are the thin egg ones which sort of clumped together a little bit.


And for completeness, our honey pepper beef.


Come here for standard asian flavours at a decent price and with generous savings, and if you’re feeling particularly fatty, there’s always the deep fried scallops.

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